About 6 Degrees

Thanks for dropping by. I called this blog 6 Degrees because I’ve lived in Sacramento off and on for the past several years, and feel like I pretty much know someone who knows someone who probably was in a movie with Kevin Bacon…anyway, it can seem like a very small town sometimes, yes? (I’m not affiliated with the midtown boutique called 6 Degrees, although I love their selection and picked the blog name before I had heard of them.)

Over the years, and the comings and goings, I have gotten to know this city and (for the most part) love it. I started this blog to share my appreciation for this town, but somehow I got all sidetracked by politics and discovered that I’m certainly not above some occasional bouts of cynicism, either.

I welcome comments, but won’t post them if they’re irrational, illiterate, off topic, or just plain lame.

This blog is Midtown- and East Sac-centric, because that’s where I hang out, with the occasional off-continent foray for perspective. There are several other excellent blogs (see my blogroll for a few) about this area–so I’m certainly not alone in the belief that these parts of Sac offer a sense of place that is quickly lost once you pass Howe Avenue.

In fact, while you’ll find me singing Sacramento’s praises, you won’t find me waxing eloquent about her sprawling, car-culture ruled, chain-store laden, homogenous ‘burbs. Well, maybe I’ll wax eloquent, but it certainly won’t be positive. I hope you’ll enjoy my writing and what I have to say. Please come back soon for more posts on great stuff to enjoy in this city, as well as some opinions, thoughts, thinly veiled sarcasm, and inspiration.

You can write to 6 Degrees here:  6degreessac (at) gmail (dot) com.

4 responses to “About 6 Degrees

  1. Hey from Down under!!

    Love your blog! You remind me of a crazy friend of mind who I last saw sitting on the beach in Rio!!!!

  2. Hey Aussie chick! Was your friend drinking out of a coconut because she couldn’t figure out how to order a rum drink in Portuguese? You remind me of a crazy Australian I last saw on a beach in Rio, too. ….Hmmm…was that us?!?!

  3. Hey 6,
    I just stumbled across your blog, happen to agree with most of your views. Are you no longer posting these days? You should!

  4. Hi Divine —

    Thanks for visiting. Appreciate the feedback. I just haven’t felt a good rant coming on in a while. Don’t worry–the hiatus is temporary!


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